Ruth Barker

Ruth Barker is the Clinical Leader at Community Rehab nQ, Townsville Mackay Medicare Local, and adjunct lecturer at James Cook University. Dr Barkerís PhD studies on recovery of the arm after stroke led to the development of the SMART ArmTM. Since completing her PhD Dr Barker has continued with research to refine the SMART ArmTM for use in the acute hospital, community and home environment and for use with stroke survivors with severe and multiple impairments. Dr Barker has a strong clinical background in neurological rehabilitation and experience in service delivery across settings in metropolitan, rural and remote locations in Australia. She is a co-investigator on the current NHMRC clinical trial.

Richard Carson

Richard Carson is a Professor at Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. Prof Carson brings international expertise to the SMART ArmTM team in the understanding and measurement of central nervous system plasticity within the context of human movement and mechanisms of neuromuscular coordination. Much of his current clinical and pre-clinical research has a specific emphasis upon the neuro-rehabilitation of stroke survivors. He is a co-investigator on the current NHMRC clinical trial.

Kate Hayward

Kate Hayward has completed her PhD on the rehabilitation potential of stroke survivors with severe upper limb disability, use of the SMART ArmTM being one intervention explored, at the University of Queensland. Kate also completed her honours project on the SMART ArmTM, which led to refinement of the device for use in the hospital environment.

Sandy Brauer

Sandy Brauer is a Professor in the Division of Physiotherapy, The University of Queensland, where she leads the Neurology Research Team. She brings expertise to the SMART ArmTM team in the area of clinical trials to test intervention efficacy and has been involved in the development and evaluation of the SMART ArmTM from its inception. Currently she leads several clinical trials, including the current trial on the use of the SMART ArmTM device with acute stroke patients with severe paresis.

David Lloyd

David Lloyd has a PhD in the field of Physics. He has been involved in research in the areas of UWB Radar, Magnetic Resonance Micro-imaging, Speech Pathology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Motor Control. He has been instrumental in the design, development, and programming of the prototype control/feedback software for the SMART ArmTM including its interfacing with the outcome triggered FES and in the development, design,†and construction of the testing equipment being used to assess SMART ArmTM effectiveness.